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Vic Haines Transport Ltd crane lorry lifting customer materials.

General haulage projects

Located in Pershore, Worcestershire. Vic Haines Transport Ltd has successfully carried out numerous general haulage jobs for clients across the UK.  Get in touch today via email and receive a free quote.

Our customer projects

Vic Haines Transport Ltd is proud to be highly thought of amongst our customer base and are regularly recommended as an outstanding general haulage service. Below is a collection of recent jobs and the examples of the equipment and vehicles at our disposal. 


If you would like to enquire about our services and would like a free quote, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Busy Flowing Motorway

A knowledgeable and dedicated general haulage company widely recommended by our customers. Call 01386 552769 or 01386 553288 today.

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